College Transfers Part 2: Bob Corwin & Clay Kallam

BBall & Politics: We talk about college transfers and the issues behind it.


Krystle Henderson & Tierra Rogers Give Recruiting Knowledge!

We are going to discuss with former college players Tierra Rogers of Cal and Krystle Henderson of the University of Texas, about how they came about choosing the right college program for them. What they looked for in a school, what they offered, how the team meshed, coaching staff, programs after college. Key tips on what high school students in their recruiting process should be asking!

BBall & Politics with Mark Lewis! #Truth

Had a sit down with Mark Lewis of Blue Star Media. He is well respected in the women’s game and had to pick his brain on some interesting things happening on the girls side!

We start off going into the individual events. We have noticed that there are brands who are heavy on the boys side and then jump on to the girls side just to make an extra buck. You can tell how vested they are by the recaps or their website being heavily about the boys side. If girls are clearly attending their event, there should be an equal amount of coverage on their site on the girls who attended. Be careful of those!

Moving on to the topic of players that already have a name, have offers, maybe who have committed, why play in these individual events. Some of these players actually spend money on travel just to to be there. Mark says and for what?!! Your already known!!! We all know that if you get the big name players in the building, others will follow. I tell Mark many of these players either like to compete, or maybe they think if I go, they will give me a higher ranking or even a vote for McDonald’s, or an extra edge at the USA Trials. This is all in their minds as well as their parents. It has to be, since the evaluators put it out there, we have votes to this and this, we can get you that. Mark said it best, don’t believe in the HYPE!!

Players who are looking to get established and get their name out there, if it cost a lot of money to participate in an event, be sure you know what your getting out of it, is it worth it. If there are a lot of participants will you still be seen?! You can always try it once, if it fits in your budget.

We also got into rankings, Mark said forget about rankings, and I can care less about a ranking as well, but tell that to a parent. They will spend money and make sure their daughter is at a National Evalutors Camp in hopes of their ranking go from #85 to #55. Trust, we see it happen. It’s a part of the game that may never change but if a ranking means that much then so be it, buy your way up the chain.

USA Trials is a good event to go to. More so that it’s 60/60 in each session, its all on three courts, and players will be seen in front of all the major scouts. It’s great exposure for the player but may be a tougher situation if your trying to make the team. It has its pros and cons.

We are all entitled to our own opinions but I had to agree to disagree with Mark when it came down to the McDonald’s All Americans. Marks says its not political, I said it is, but it may not be political but more so biased in a sense. All I know is that every year players are left out on being McDonald’s All Americans who aren’t on the Nike circuit, then again, there are some on the Nike circuit who get left out as well. I’m in no way pointing the finger at Nike, I’m simply saying those with a McDonald’s vote should consider viewing other major tournaments besides just the EYBL. I know its every players dream and goal to be a McDonald’s All American, but at the end of the day, when you get to college none of that matters. You have to make a name for yourself all over again, and many McDonald’s All Americans don’t make it to the WNBA.

Hopefully, this topic helps you in some way. Let us know your thoughts, we will try to keep it coming with more issues to be aware of.